The goal of RESSOURCES21 is to strengthen research and education through the recruitment of 3 or 4 senior project chairs and more than 35 additional doctoral students over 10 years. Thes positions will be financed by the LabEx, its partners and international stipends.

RESSOURCES21 is always looking to recruit Doctoral students, postdoctorals researchers and senior project chairs.

The research interests of the consortium members include:

• Ore genesis, mechanisms and dating of metal transfers and concentrations;

• 3D modelling of ore processes, deformation, heat and mass transfer;

• Fractionation and separation techniques of low-grade ores;

• Eco-toxicology and environmental monitoring;

• Developing innovative analytical tools and research methods related to metal concentrations in minerals and fluids in situ techniques, geochronology and isotope geochemistry .

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