The scientific activities of the “Strategic Metal Resources in the 21st Century-RESSOURCES21” Laboratory of Excellence focus on six priority areas:

  • Understanding natural and anthropogenic strategic metal cycles and the processes of metal concentration (ore deposits) or dispersion in the environment;
  • Developing of innovative tools for improved ore processing and metal extraction;
  • Understanding of the environmental impact of strategic metals once dispersed in the ecosystem.

Three consolidation tasks can be added to these aims:

  • Developing new analytical tools  for determining  the distribution and concentration of trace elements within rocks and minerals, and for dating geological events ;
  • 3D-modelling of ore geometry and metal transport at  corresponding scales in order to understand the distribution of metals and how ore deposits evolve over space and time;
  • Developing and refining biogeochemical environmental sensors to monitor the spread of hazardous elements and predict pollution patterns.

The ambition of the LabEx RESSOURCES21 researchers is high: combining scientific approaches and expertise from their different disciplines to reveal the natural and anthropogenic metal-cycles; targeting innovation to optimise the future management of strategic metal desposits.