LabEX R21 harnesses the potential of over 110 researchers and 70 engineers and technicians from four different laboratories and three scientific facilities.

It is also surrounded by key industrial and institutional partners that can provide further assistance with its work, confirm results and improve visibility on a national and international level.

To meet the challenges in supplying strategic metals, RESSOURCES21 has gathered a team of multidisciplinary researchers from the OTElo (Observatoire Terre et Environnement Lorraine- Lorraine Earth and Environment Observatory). This science center comprises four laboratories:

  1. The Interdisciplinary Laboratory for Continental Environments (LIEC)  whose primary objective is to understand the functioning of continental environments, strongly impacted by human activity, in order to contribute to their rehabilitation;
  2. The GéoRessources laboratory covers the field of resources; their exploration and exploitation, including the processing and enhancement stages, plus the impacts on society and the environment;
  3. The Soil and Environments Laboratory (LSE) which attempts to better understand soils that have been heavily affected by man
  4. The Centre for Petrographical and Geochemical Research (CRPG) , which studies the main stages of the history of the Earth from the formation of the Solar System to the current evolution of the planet.

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